Gift Exchange

Welcome to simple, comfortable, and easy gift exchanges…

Please find the order number printed on the invoice included with your gift.
Enter the zip code of the gift recipient's name. If the gift was not shipped to gift recipient directly, please enter the zip code of the person who ordered the items
Enter gift recipient's full name. If the gift was not shipped in gift recipients name, please enter the name of the gift giver.
Please enter the email address at which you'd like to receive your return shipping label and merchandise credit.
Not a Gift?

How it Works

Receive Gift!

Yay - surprise gift was sent to you!! It turns out that you need a different size, color, item…

Request Store Credit

This will be sent to your inbox upon arrival of your package to us, so YOU can start shopping for the correct size or item(s).

Mail Back Original

Use the supplied return shipping label to send the original miss-picks back to our warehouse..

Common Questions

What information will I need to proceed?

The gift receiver is asked to verify the order number (on the invoice if you received the package directly) and delivery address zip code. If the package was not sent to you directly, and you don't know the order number or zip code of the gift giver, you can always email for us to help you find the necessary information. You are then presented with a screen where the gifted items are displayed and select the ones you are returning. It will ask you for your personal email address to send the gift card to. Once completed, you will get a shipping label to send them back and the gift card will be sent upon arrival of the package to our warehouse.

Will the gift giver know that it has been exchanged?

The gift giver does not receive any notifications around this process whatsoever. The gift giver will only know about the exchange if the gift receiver volunteers to tell them. A good solution for all types of communities, families, and friend groups.

What if I decide to spend more than the gift card amount?

Purchases exceeding the gift exchange amount are paid for with the store's normal check-out methods.

Is it free shipping?

Yes! Right now though, it will look like you are being charged shipping as it will have a $6.00 deduction fee showing up, but rest assured, we will make sure you are not charged that when we receive your package and send you the gift card. We are working on fixing that issue beginning of next year!

How much time do I get to return the items?

It is best to mail the item(s) back as soon as possible so you can get your credit to start shopping!

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